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To Be or Not To Be Content

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John McLemore

Luke 12:13-21; Philippians 4:10-20; Hebrews 13:1-6; 1 Timothy 6:6-10; Galatians 5:22-23

Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” Luke12:15 NIV

“¡Tengan cuidado! — advirtió a la gente —. Absténganse de toda avaricia; la vida de una persona no depende de la abundancia de sus bienes.” Lucas 12:15 NVI

Awesome God

CCLI #41099 | Rich Mullins

© 1988 | Majesty, Greatness, God’s Attributes, Love, Faith, Assurance


Be Strong In The Lord

CCLI #52105 | Linda Lee Johnson and Tom Fettke

© 1979 | Strength, Encouragement


Standing On The Promises

CCLI #31803 | Russell Kelso Carter

Public Domain | Assurance, Declaration, God’s Word, Promise

Todas las Promesas del Señor

Letra y música PROMESAS, R. Kelso Carter, 1886.  Tr., Vicente Mendoza.  Usado con permiso.


Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It

CCLI #30622 | Fanny Jane Crosby and William James Kirkpatrick

Public Domain | Redemption, Thankfulness, Presence, Praise

Comprado por Sangre de Cristo

Letra, Fanny J. Crosby, 1882.  Tr., J. Rios y W. C. Brand.  Música REDEEMED, William J. Kirkpatrick, 1882.  Usado con permiso.


Holy Ground (Beatty)

CCLI #19526 | Christopher Beatty

© 1982 | Adoration, Worship

Holy Ground

CCLI #21198 | Geron Davis

© 1983 | Holiness, Presence, Praise, Adoration, Worship


I’d Rather Have Jesus

CCLI #16653 | George Beverly Shea and Rhea F. Miller

© 1922. | Devotion, Friendship, Commitment, Jesus


Belmont Baptist Church subscribes to SongSelect (account #1618919) with copyright license #227507 Size B which gives permission for use of all songs in this video.